Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

Popcorn ceilings are a rapid and low priced way to varnish Sheetrock ceilings and were the entire wrath in the ’70s and ’80s. Now, they have tumbled out of service somewhat, entrusted to the chance of mullets. Getting cleared of popcorn ceilings is very easy, though working on the ceiling is a good trial for your bears. You can remove popcorn ceiling from the following ways.

Clear the room and cover the floor completely.

Envision tiny slight pellets of paint in every bang and cranny of your loungers, seats, and carpets. It is not a pretty vision. To avoid this, you have to remove all the equipment or domestic items from the room totally. Reminisce that any plastic covering that is not copied together has a coincidental of dripping. If you want to be unconditionally sure that your cleanup job will only need throwing away the plastic covering tape, composed for added guard.

Place a fan in the room.

Do not turn it up to the ceiling fan just have it on and puffing in an unobtrusive place near the floor.

Eliminate the Popcorn Ceiling

Using a planter’s movable hand sprayer also known as a Hudson sprinkler to spring down portions of the wall. Allow it soak in for a couple of minutes, and then spring it again. The popcorn substantial is very dry and absorbent, so it will effortlessly soak in the water you spring on it.

Afterwards, a few more minutes get up on a ladder and scrape the popcorn off with a ceiling surface scraper. If you do not have a ceiling surface scraper, a large knife or drywall knife is good for this purpose. It will become off very simply. If not then soak it little more, but be cautious not to soak the ceiling too much. Too much water can be the reason of damage to the drywall tape and underlying drywall that you will find behindhand the popcorn stubble.

If using a ceiling surface scraper, attach the waste bag to the scraper. Most scrapers will come with this functionality. By this method, you can throw the popcorn stubble into the trash instead of having to rub it all up again on your floor.

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